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Hello I'm Michael, an audio engineer and sound designer who's passionate, about crafting captivating soundscapes and effects for various audio projects. With five years of experience in the industry I have developed an ear for creating sound effects that elevate any project.

As a contractor I operate from my state of the art studio in Bleiburg, Austria catering to clients worldwide. My primary goal is to create an fully immersive listening experience tailored to your requirements whether it's for a film video game, podcast or any other audio endeavor. I am confident in my skills and knowledge. Can assist you in bringing your vision to life.

I understand the significance of sound design, in every production. Therefore I work closely with my clients throughout the process to ensure that I deliver quality services that exceed their expectations.

Lets collaborate and infuse your project with the power of sound. My ultimate objective is to make your audio production truly distinctive and remarkable. Please let me know how I can be of assistance and leave the rest to me. Together we can create something truly unparalleled.