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Footsteps Sound Effects

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This collection features a variety of high-quality footsteps sounds that are perfect for any project that requires realistic footstep sounds. Whether you're working on a film, video game, virtual reality project, or any other audio production, these footsteps will bring your audio to life. The pack includes a wide range of surfaces, including concrete, grass, gravel, wood, carpet, metal and more, so you can find the perfect fit for your scene. It also includes a variety of shoe types, including sneakers, boots, high heels, and leather shoes, giving you even more flexibility in your sound design.

The sound pack is designed to provide you with the necessary audio to fully immerse your players and viewers in the world you've created. It's perfect for first-person shooter games, survival games, character-driven dramas, or any other project that requires realistic footstep sounds. With a variety of shoe types, surfaces, and footsteps, this pack will help you achieve the desired sound for your project.

The pack includes a variety of shoe types such as boots, high heels, leather shoes, and sneakers, each with a unique sound character that can be used in different scenarios. The different surfaces included in the pack such as Concrete, Grass, Gravel, Metal, Wood, Carpet, and more, will provide you with a wide range of options to choose from, depending on the scene and the atmosphere of your project.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your audio production to the next level. Add our Footsteps Sound Pack to your audio library today and experience the realism and immersion that comes with high-quality footstep sounds.
This pack includes
  • Boots
  • High Heels
  • Leather Shoes
  • Sneakers

  • Carpet
  • Concrete
  • Grass
  • Gravel
  • Metal
  • Wood

Product specs
Total Size of Samples - 229MB
Total Number of Files - 1021
Format and Resolution - WAV 96K 24bit
Lapsed Time - 7 minutes
Current Version - 1.0
Metadata Available - ID3
License Description - Single user license, royalty-free
You will get a ZIP (89MB) file