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Fart Sound Effects

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The fart sound effects collection is a tool, for any production due to its versatility. It offers something for everyone whether you're working on animations, comedies, video games, apps, funny bathroom scenes, YouTube content, animations or user interface notifications.

This collection showcases crafted high quality effects that are ready to be used upon opening the box. Each sound is authentic and original capturing the range of fart sounds found in the world. From subtle and gentle to bold and outrageous there's a variety of options

It doesn't end there. These sound effects can also serve as building blocks for creating your sound design using your creative skills. The possibilities are virtually limitless; you can layer them together modify them or even use them as a foundation for sounds. The compilation includes a plethora of noises such as dry farts, long and short farts and even some, with different tonal qualities.
Overall having a range of fart sound effects is essential, for any audio professional or enthusiast aiming to add a touch of amusement and uniqueness to their creations. This collection provides possibilities, for expression and helps enhance the overall quality of your audio projects.

This pack includes
  • The Accidental Fart
  • The Bubble Fart
  • The Cheesy Fart
  • The Egg Fart
  • The Farting Grandpa
  • The Flappy Fart
  • The Flatious
  • The Gumble Fart
  • The Pip Fart
  • The Poppy Far
  • The Short and Deadly Fart
  • The Stucky Fart
  • The Toxic Fart
  • The Wet Fart
Product specs
  • Total Size of Samples - 165MB
  • Total Number of Files - 804
  • Format and Resolution - WAV 96K 24bit
  • Lapsed Time - 5 minutes
  • Current Version - 1.0
  • Metadata Available - ID3
  • License Description - Single user license, royalty-free
You will get a RAR (124MB) file