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Sci-Fi Weapon Sound Effects

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Anyone in the audio industry, whether they are a hobbyist or a professional, who is looking to create immersive, futuristic soundscapes absolutely needs to have the Sci-Fi Weapon Sound Effects Collection. This extensive collection includes a variety of high-quality sound effects for sci-fi guns and other futuristic weapons, as well as additional sounds like explosions and lasers.

These sound effects have been designed to be ready to use, making them a convenient and speedy solution to your requirements in terms of audio. However, they can also be easily used as building elements for further sound design, which enables you to customize and create unique sounds that are a perfect fit for the project you are working on.

This pack includes a wide variety of sound effects, some examples of which are an Atomizer Gun, a Proton Gun, a Blaster, an Explosion, a Flamethrower, a Handgun, a Lightblade, a Rifle, a Rocket Launcher, a Shield, a Shotgun, a Laser, and a Thermal Grenade. Each sound effect has been painstakingly crafted to provide a realistic and dynamic sound that will transport your audience to a time and place in the distant future.

It doesn't matter if you're making a movie, a video game, or any other type of audio production; the Sci-Fi Weapon Sound Effects Collection is an indispensable tool for developing a convincing and captivating aural environment. Therefore, if you want to take your listening experience to the next level, add this collection to your arsenal as soon as possible.
This pack includes
  • Atomizer Gun
  • Proton Gun
  • Blaster
  • Explosion
  • Flamethrower
  • Handgun
  • Lightblade
  • Rifle
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Shield
  • Shotgun
  • Laser
  • Thermal Grenade
Product specs
  • Total Size of Samples - 455MB
  • Total Number of Files - 192
  • Format and Resolution - WAV 96K 24bit
  • Lapsed Time - 12 minutes
  • Current Version - 1.0
  • Metadata Available - ID3
  • License Description - Single user license, royalty-free
You will get a RAR (344MB) file