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Audio Services

Sound creates a unique atmosphere, entices emotion, awakens memories, and sets the overarching tone in a story. We offer customised audio solutions that adapt to the processes and requirements of creators and publishers of linear or immersive content.

Audio Restoration

Audio Restoration is the process of removing as many technical imperfections as possible from a recording - without compromising the original sound. Noisy or damaged audio recordings made under adverse conditions can suffer from: bleed, clicks, clips, crackles, hums, rustling, wind, and other noises.

Custom Sound Effects

Most of the time, finding the perfect sound is the hardest part. We will provide you with individual, high-quality sound effects for any kind of project.

Audio Logo & Sonic Branding

Audio Logos and Sonic Branding allow marketers and brands to have the ability to command attention, drive recall, and inspire interest, using auditory cues that stimulate emotion and activate memory.

Sound Design

Sound Design is where your motion picture really starts to come to life! We will create custom Foley, Ambient, Sound Effects, and Audio Post Production for Film, TV, Games, Animation, and Digital Media.