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Haunted House Door Sound Effects

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The Haunted House Door Sound Effects Pack is an essential tool for any spooky Halloween or horror project that requires a dark, creaky, and closed door sound effect. This pack includes sounds of doors slamming, creaking, and being closed. These sound effects have been created to be used right out of the box, but they can also serve as the foundation for more complex forms of sound design if that is more to your liking.

The pack contains a variety of door sounds, such as the familiar squeak of an old wooden door and the menacing scrape of a metal gate. The eerie ambience of a haunted house is brought to life through the painstaking creation of each sound effect, which is designed to give the impression of being in the thick of the action. These sound effects will add an additional layer of tension and suspense to your project, regardless of whether you are working on a movie, a video game, or a podcast.

The Haunted House Door Sound Effects Pack is a collection that features a variety of sounds that will assist you in bringing your spooky creations to life. This pack is an absolute necessity for any Halloween or horror-themed project.

This pack includes
  • Wood Doors
  • Metal Doors
Product specs
  • Total Size of Samples - 61MB
  • Total Number of Files - 51
  • Format and Resolution - WAV 96K 24bit
  • Lapsed Time  - 1 minute
  • Current Version - 1.0
  • Metadata Available - ID3
  • License Description  - Single user license, royalty-free
You will get a RAR (33MB) file