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Astral Projection

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"Astral Projection" allows you to initiate and experience astral travel more easily with the most effective astral frequency and dissociative elements. Numerous techniques for detachment from the physical body pave the way for entry into the astral world and the mystical experiences that await us there. Sleep interruptions are popular among beginners to facilitate detachment from the physical body. Consistent training often leads to the first success in a few weeks, but can also take several months to years. Train now with "Astral Projection" and experience the most efficient and fastest way to your first astral journey!

Product specs

Duration: 60min

File types: .wav / .aiff / .mp3

Headphones required: yes

You will get the following files:
  • AIF (2GB)
  • MP3 (137MB)
  • WAV (2GB)