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Shamanic Journey - Ayahuasca Edition

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Our "Shamanic Journey - Ayahuasca Edition" takes you gently down from 12 Hz to 4.5 Hz - on a shamanic journey into your deepest inner self. The shamanic drum accompanies you on your way into an incredibly deep meditative state, in which you will begin to release DMT through a varying pineal gland activation tone - specifically placed by us. As your consciousness begins to expand more and more, the gates to your true self will open for you. The retrieval of lost soul parts, as well as life-changing enlightenment states are possible and lead you back to your wholeness!

Product specs

Duration: 60min

File types: .wav / .aiff / .mp3

Headphones required: yes

You will get the following files:
  • AIF (2GB)
  • MP3 (137MB)
  • WAV (2GB)