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Lucid Dreams

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Experience the indescribable feeling of becoming conscious in a dream and henceforth being able to control the dream events according to your ideas. Whether you want to fly in the dream or directly switch to an astral journey, remains solely your decision. You have the choice of unlimited possibilities!"Lucid Dreams" slowly brings you down from 12 Hz to 3.90 Hz. Meanwhile you become more and more tired and drift gently into the first phase of sleep. Already asleep, you will continue to 7 Hz - absolute dream consciousness. Once there, you will recognize the dream as such and know that the playing field is now yours!

Product specs

Duration: 120min

File types: .wav / .aiff / .mp3

Headphones required: yes

You will get the following files:
  • AIF (4GB)
  • MP3 (274MB)
  • WAV (4GB)