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Telepathy Skills

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Telepathy surrounds us every day. The brain acts as both a transmitter and a receiver. Thoughts are sent back and forth continuously, but unconsciously for most people. So the right question is: Which thoughts are mine in the first place? "Telepathy Skills" trains your ability to sort your brain's thought streams correctly "by sender" again. By modern technical aids like SMS, mails, Whatsapp, etc. our telepathic abilities are only veiled and we let ourselves be distracted as so often from what happens directly before our nose. With a little training and careful observation of their own thought processes, people soon lift the veil to the great art of true telepathy.

Product specs

Duration: 60min

File types: .wav / .aiff / .mp3

Headphones required: yes

You will get the following files:
  • AIF (2GB)
  • MP3 (137MB)
  • WAV (2GB)