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Third Eye Development

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Our "Third Eye Development" guides you over 60 minutes with 963 Hz to activate your third eye. Through our newly developed "Dissociative Sphere Technology", which continuously circles you during the training, the effect of the frequency is also massively amplified! Over the course of a full hour, your pineal gland gets exactly what it needs to open your third eye. Effective stimulation of the pineal gland is the fastest way to open the third eye. Each time you listen to it, the effect of the frequency increases. The more "active" your pineal gland is already, the more you will feel the effect of the frequency and eventually, sooner or later, you will no longer need a frequency to see with your third eye. Start your training NOW!

Product specs

Duration: 60min

File types: .wav / .aiff / .mp3

Headphones required: yes

You will get the following files:
  • AIF (2GB)
  • MP3 (137MB)
  • WAV (2GB)